ALL HEART Building a better world, one life at a time.

The AllStar Foundation – Wings of Hope was developed by The AllStar Group, a division of AllStar Wings & Ribs™, for the purpose of ‘paying it forward’ whether it is to our local or Global community. We also believe that with every level of success comes a proportional level of responsibility. Our corporate philanthropy is simple: A non-profit, charitable organization supporting local and international humanitarian endeavours.

Our mission is to continue to build micro-communities and partner with other child focused organizations for children in need around the world and here at home.

Plans for our 1st Annual AllStar Foundation Wings of Hope Winter Gala, taking place on Saturday February 7th at Chateau Le Jardin in Vaughan is well underway, with monies raised that evening going towards helping with the construction of two new orphanages: 1 in Kenya & 1 in the Congo.

The evening theme is Monte Carlo Swing featuring live performances by Ross Wooldridge and the 16 piece Galaxy Orchestra, a gourmet dinner, dancing, charity casino, live and silent auctions and so much more

One out of 5 children in the Kenya area live without parents and without care. The AllStar Foundation is working towards building the next micro-community and a home for 100 orphaned children one step at a time. This will give each child a home that fulfills its basic needs as well as offering the opportunity for a life-changing path. This path will teach the children to be self-sustainable and enforce that each life has a purpose!

The home will consist of multiple family units where children can live with a house mother and father. This allows for a nurturing a tightly-knit family environment for each child to have the opportunity to live in. Hands on learning will be provided through on-site life skills school, as well as agricultural operations. These children, staff and community members will be provided with healthy foods that they will grow themselves within these operations; this plays a big part in teaching self-sustainability. Along with the opportunity for healthy foods, AllStar Foundation will build and provide a new well with a reliable source of clean water.

The plans to provide children with the opportunity for education will allow them to succeed as far as their performance will take them. Through your donations the foundation will provide the community with on-site medical centres and allow for fair wage job opportunities to others within the Bondo region. These opportunities will provide for not only the children and community members, but also to locals who live in the surrounding areas of this micro-community.

With these efforts AllStar Foundation wishes to offer hope to the Bondo community, as well as providing a bright, self-sustaining future to the orphaned children of this community.

Please join us in creating positive and lasting change at Bondo.

Help us become the voice for millions of forgotten children worldwide.